Learn To Row

What is Learn to row?

Learn to Row is a British Rowing affiliated course, aimed at bringing you from complete novice, to aspiring rower.  Run over six weeks, the course takes you through all the basic techniques of rowing, building up to a competitive, regatta-style race to finish off with a final hurrah.

During the Learn to Row course with Windermere Rowing Club, you meet your two coaches and the seven other learners on your course at Fell Foot Park, where you'll go through some of the basics on dry land, before taking the boats down to the water and rowing on the river at the southern tip of Windermere.  Each week you'll get more time on the water until session six when you'll be taking part in a fun, friendly race.

Where and When is it?

All our Learn to Row courses run from our club at Fell Foot Park, Newby Bridge on weekday evenings (from 6:30 to 8:30), with some held during weekday mornings and one whole weekend course.  A full list of our current courses and availability can be found on our Eventbrite page.  From this page, you can also sign-up to reserve a place on one of our upcoming courses.

How much is it?

Learn to Row courses cost £63.47 (with booking fee) for the whole six weeks (which works out at £10 a session).  For this, you get six 2 hour sessions, based at our site in Fell Foot park, in our training quads.  Our courses are run by our team of highly qualified Level 2 coaches and Learn to Row instructors to give you top-notch coaching in technique, boat handling and safety.

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